That 70’s Party

Last night a small group of us congretated over at Ashlee’s to partake in a 70’s inspired mystery party. In attendance were Andy Warthog, Gloria Stunnem, John Revolting, Lyza M., Bruce Leap and Diana Rush (me). Our generous hostess provided yummy 70’s treats like Harvey Wallbangers, wine spritzers, chips and dip, and spaghetti bolognese (all of which were new and trendy in the 70’s according to Ashlee’s mom, Linda). What’s in a Harvey Wallbanger, you ask? Well, it is like a screwdriver with the addition of Galliano. All I can tell you about Galliano is that it claims to be a spirito italiano but is made in France. Can someone explain that one to me?

Carmen…errr I mean Lyza M., apparently being quite competetive, would certainly appreciate that I mention that she was the only one who guessed the mystery correctly. But in reality I think she was just lucky. Who knew Jimmy Hoffa was still alive and posing as a woman?

After the mystery was solved we played a few rounds of 60-second speeches (which is certainly entertaining after more than a few rounds of drinks) where we learned about the proliferation of herpes in the 20th century, the problems associated with having a chonically broken toilet, Carmen AND Carmen’s competetive side, the waxing habits of goth’s, and breast plate armament (to name a few). Since we were on a roll, we strayed from the 70s theme and played some Balderdash where we learned that a gay vamp is not called a gamp.

Collage of the Day: That 70’s Party

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