Speak Up!

My horoscope (Aquarius) today reads:

Someone interesting — no, absolutely fascinating — is right around the corner,just dying to meet you. You, of course, are always game for fresh and different folks, especially the kinds that have brains. So when this new person arrives, you’ll probably want to clear your schedule and make sure you’ve got time to spend with them. Oh, and don’t be surprised if this thing goes on well into the weekend, too. Enjoy!

Giddy-up, I say! So… who are you oh ye of fascination? Speak up already! Don’t be shy… it is so true that I am always game for fresh folks; although I am not sure what that really means… have you ever met someone unfresh?

I am dreaming of springtime, as this winter sure is taking it’s sweet old time to thaw. Don’t you love that first warmish breeze? Seeing the crocuses (or croci?), tulips and daffodils peaking through the wet earth? In reverance to my springtime fantasy, here is today’s pic of the day.

This was taken a few years ago at the Keukenhoff (Dutch for “Kitchen Window”) Gardens, not far from Amsterdam. No one does flowers like the Dutch. And so cheaply! A huge bouquet of tulips goes for just a few Euros. The other day I was walking by a flowershop with a Dutch friend who could not believe that a dozen runty tulips had a $18 pricetag on it. Robbery!

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