Pic of the day: India

I took this picture while I was working for Semester at Sea back in 1997. SAS is an amazing comparative culture/study abroad program that takes roughly 600 college students around the world aboard the MV Explorer which is outfitted to serve as a floating campus (including library, computer lab, etc.). Students take their arts & sciences classes while the ship is at sea, and while in various ports they have a whole menu of excursions from which to choose.

I worked for the SAS home office all through college doing recruitment and customer service. After graduation my application to work on the ship was accepted, and I served in the Field Office (which organizes all the shore activities) from January through May. During the voyage we visited the Bahamas, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, India, The Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan and finished in Seattle. Needless to say, it was a truly amazing experience.

This picture in India was one of my favorite shots, taken at a Hindu temple outside Madras (now called Chennai). The baby was the daughter of a co-worker. The gentleman was the custodian of this “Brahmin” Elephant who lived on-site at the temple.

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