Think about it: If your life were made into a movie…let’s say directed by some cool young and up-and-coming director like Zac Braff or Sofia Coppola… and the director wanted to produce a soundtrack based on the movie to be released to the general public… what 15 songs would be on your life story’s soundtrack? I think about this every once in a while when I am bored or trying to distract myself (like when trapped on an airplane).

The song selection regularly changes as I imagine the story of my life could be portrayed from various angles. This is what I am going with today:

1. In your Eyes: Peter Gabriel
2. Roma Capoccia: Antonello Venditti
3. What’s Goin’ On: Marvin Gaye
4. One: U2
5. Alive: Pearl Jam
6. Son of a Preacherman: Dusty Springfield
7. Ecstasy: Rusted Root
8. Angel: Sarah McLaughlin
9. Freestyler: Boomfunk MCs
10. Weapon of Choice: Fatboy Slim
11. Can’t get you out of my head: Kylie Minogue
12. Trouble: Coldplay
13. My Culture: One Giant Leap
14. Something Beautiful: Robbie Williams
15. It’s oh so quiet: bjork

Hmmm… I should make this a playlist in my Ipod.

Thinking about this stuff has made me nostalgic for some good times long ago. So the pic of the day is called “Booby Trap” and features two of the hippest chicks out there (and me on the far left):

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