It is better to go for someone who loves you, rather than someone who you love

As previously mentioned here in blogworld, I occasionally dabble in online dating (OK, truth is for a while I was really addicted to it, but now am on a break). I still have a personal profile up just to see what kind of responses I get, and occasionally something comes really extrodinary comes through the wires. I received one this morning that really does take the cake….

Hello my new dear friend!!!
I hope that you do not object if I shall address to you thus:) First I want to be presented… My name is morgan. I am 48 years old.I am a single now and never married. I have 2 children. I am a the cheerful woman… I have a good feel of umor… at least I so think:)

My hobbies are walking in nature with my friends… I like to read a serious books, classics, phylosofy.Also I like to be engaged in various kinds of sports and to look it on TV.For example, I visit a sports hall when I have a free time.I think that I any woman should keep up the body. I think that you agree with me…Sometimes I like to visit dance club. But I do it not frequently.

Well, what I want to find?I want to get acquainted with the woman which searches for serious relations as me.I want will find the woman which to have such character traits as honesty, kindness, respect, fidelity to family.I want will find the woman which to care of me and about our family…The man of my dream should be a support for family. I hope that you understand me.I hope that I shall interest you. I shall wait yours ????? with impatience… I’ll be waiting for your answer…Bye… mj

I took a look at his profile and was a little baffled by his entry line: “It is better to go for someone who loves you, rather than someone who you love.” Does that mean it’s better to be loved by someone than to love someone? That’s a little disturbing, don’t you think? On a side note, in his profile he is divorced and 44, not single and 48.

Now please don’t think I am cruel… really I have a lot of heart when it comes to this often dehumanizing pursuit of “romance”. If anything, my friends criticize that I let too many men have pieces of my life they don’t deserve. And the poor English usage isn’t really the issue here– Lord knows I’ve had some true loves who couldn’t even count up to 7 in my native tongue. But come on MJ! I wish I could show his picture, but will not do so to protect his identity. He’s talking on a cell phone, and I swear it is a cut out from a JC Penny catalog and not a real life picture of him. Comedy. Pure comedy.

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