Pic of the Day: Westerkerk

This weekend I am definitely going to get my bike tuned up. It’s time to start riding to work again. I used to love zooming around the canals of Amsterdam on my little bike with back-pedal brakes, just the one gear, and a wicker basket to hold my parcels. That bike had personality, so much so she even had a name: Betty.

In Boston, biking is a whole different story. You need a lot more gear– a helmet, multiple flashing lights and, a rear-view mirror, and if you are smart, a glow in the dark bright orange jumper (OK, that might be taking it a bit too far). Drivers here just aren’t aware of bikers and I have heard one too many horror stories. Lucky for me, most of my work commute on the bike is on the quiet paths of the Esplanade, but those 4 or so blocks in traffic on Mass Ave are treacherous. Boston drivers are famous for their aggression and lack of care towards other vehicles, pedestrians, motorcyclists, small pets and bikers. Last year a car barely bumped me at a stop-light, and the driver had the nerve to yell at me.

The City of Boston even published this little public service announcement towards drivers:

Be Nice
City traffic can be slow and frustrating. Don’t take anger out on others. Threatening other road users with your voice or your vehicle is impolite and illegal. Bicyclists have the same right to the road as you do.

So why risk life and limb 20 minutes each morning and evening? As I mentioned before, the T just sucks the humanity out of you, and biking seems to do the reverse. Or maybe I have become addicted to the adrenaline rush of dodging maniac drivers.

2 thoughts on “Pic of the Day: Westerkerk

  1. i see cycling in amsterdam as not-for-the-faint-hearted…so i can only imagine what cycling in boston must be like!what a wonderful image..i love the area around the westerkerk, and this captures its unique atmosphere perfectly.

  2. Thanks Lynn! Yes, biking in boston is no easy feat. But I hope that by elevating my heart-rate (by shear terror, not necessarily by exertion) will do a body good. 🙂

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