I don’t get it… but someone give me a hug

1) I don’t get what makes people confess their innermost thoughts in this online anonymous forum: Group Hug.

2) I don’t get some of the things people are confessing to. Yes, of course I would expect the “I screwed my wife’s sister” or “I have impure thoughts about my cousin” type posts, but some things really are quite bizarre:


Exhibit A– I used to think Kentucky was cool. Now I’m not so sure. (#127732750)

Exhibit B– my cat loves to sit on papers. newspapers, magazines. right now he is sitting on a term paper from some stupid class. i want to know what’s so great about it… if i shove a wad of paper towels under my ass will i suddenly feel complete? (#593803184)

Exhibit C– I felt like crying at a Disney bird show. It was pretty emotional, especially when the endangered bald eagle came out. I’m a man. (#687766254)

Exhibit D– i told everyone that I voted, but i actually didn’t (#334577036)

And apparently, for some reason I can’t quite comprehend, lots of men like to pee in the sink (525704697 , 684071685 , 34670287, 267922058, 405670063, 25325637, 462825897, 571001439 , 706157405, 841438440 , 244068170…etc. etc. etc.)

3) Finally, I don’t get why I can’t seem to navigate away from this site. Apparently I am not alone, the site has been so popular they even published a book called Stoned, Naked, and Looking in My Neighbor’s Window

It makes you wonder… who are these people? Do I know any of them?Ashlee, did you get new red book shelf? Danielle, are you meeting more French men on planes? Frankie, do you yearn to be gutsier in your driving?

OK. I’ve made my point. And I’ve officially spent way to long on this topic.

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2 thoughts on “I don’t get it… but someone give me a hug

  1. Okay…I just got a total laugh from the “pissing in the sink” portion of your blog. Who are these guys?? The sad part is that someone in my life is probably a “sink pisser” and I don’t even know it. Isn’t life grand?

  2. Hmmm. First, you best confront the sink-pisser immediately and find out what the hell is going on. Afterwards please report back so the rest of us can recognize the tell-tale symptoms of the sink-pissers amongst us. Terra.

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