I am…

According to Google: “Terra Is”… *

Terra is the Latin name for the Earth
Terra is something of an institution in Napa Valley
Terra is a boy-meets-girl labor of love
Terra is finally seeing the light of day
Terra is a gem on many levels
Terra is dead
Terra is not dead
Terra is right too.
Terra is a great find
Terra is a love story
Terra is earthy in colour
Terra is a middle-aged Cuban immigrant
Terra is confused
Terra is a dismal date for Cadet Happy
Terra is unhappy on her sixteenth birthday
Terra is the ultimate defensive driver
Terra is a fine choice for climbers, skiers, and off-trail travelers
Terra is still a little bit of a bit of a puzzle
Terra is trying to get on with her life
Terra is sure to make one feel grounded
Terra is becoming the focus of the arsonist
Terra is a reminder of the human need for intimacy
Terra is pretty cheap
Terra is a must.
Terra is a unique individual
Terra is 2 years behind schedule
Terra is perfectly capable of being on her own
Terra is out of the question
Terra is going on a detoxification program
Terra is a backstabber
Terra is a whippersnapper
Terra is a very special friend and helper
Terra is a joke
Terra is living everyone’s nightmare
Terra is #1 on German radio station
Terra is not alone

*Clearly a slow day for blogging. Apologies to all.

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