I am in LOVE!

All right. It is time to announce to all the world, well at least the blogosphere, that I AM IN LOVE. Granted, my love appears to be unreciprocated. And He doesn’t seem to know my name (yet). Oh, and He is indeed married and living somewhere not here, but I hear that He comes here every so often. Ashlee even saw Him once, at a Swedish Christmas Market of all places.

Yes, you guessed it: Will Ferrell. Not to say that he can quite compare with my long standing crushes on Ben Chaplin, John Cusak (who is starting to look a little leathery to my great disappointment) or Ralph Fiennes... but indeed my dear WF is the adored du jour.

I don’t love all his movies, some are pretty stupid. But any movie is made a lot better for having him in it. If he hadn’t been the lead in Anchorman, the movie would have been just completely unwatchable! And SNL just is not the same since he departed.

(who couldn’t love this man??!)

I was watching SNL: Best of Will Ferrell this weekend and couldn’t stop giggling. The dude who was peeping at me all weekend from the office across the street must of thought I had gone nuts. The sketch where he shows up to a work meeting wearing a USA half t-shirt and a stars and stripes thong is classic. It was one of those sketches where the other actors can’t help but crack up as well– which in my book makes it all the funnier watching them trying to keep a straight face. Sadly I couldn’t find photographic evidence of this hilarity.

Following in the footsteps of comedic actors gone serious, Robin Williams and Jim Carey, Will is about to try his hand at a serious role* playing a wandering loner in Winter Passing (staring older hottie Ed Harris as well).

*That is if you don’t consider his turn in the recent Woody Allen Flick Melinda and Melinda as a serious role

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