I have been thinking of changing the title of my blog. I picked “Terrarism” on a whim and I am not sure it sticking well with me. So, a change. At the same time I am thinking of actually registering a domain name…. so I want to make it good. But, my friends, I need HELP! So, why not a poll! SO I searched high and low for free blog polls, and while I found a few good sites, for some reason blogger won’t support them. So, we gotta do this old school.

Here is the list of names (in no particular order) I am considering– please leave a comment indicating your favorite, or email me personally:

http://www.bluebathrobe.com (I love me a blue bathrobe!)

So… as Charlotte would say:

Vote Vote Vote!
Unless you’re a goat!
‘Cause goats don’t vote!

4 thoughts on “Facelift

  1. I do NOT enjoy:www.missterra.comwww.cherrylipgloss.comwww.travelcookie.comI ENJOY:www.terraincognita.uswww.bluebathrobe.comwww.terralicious.comwww.interravision.comI feel like anything that has .org, like your yellowtulip.org sounds like…. well, an organisation. So Yellowtulip.org sounds like somewhere you would go to learn about tulips.How about http://www.tanteterra.com?www.anndeboomstraat.com?

  2. I vote for terralicious and interravision (but it makes me think of scooby doo. and that’s a good thing).I’m racking my brain…how about…thisisterraswebsite or terraknowsalot or terraissmarterthanyouandbetterthanyouandlooksbetterinabluebathrobe. Aw man, mine suck.

  3. I do NOT like travelcookie or cherrylipgloss. I do like interravision the best and then terralicious. Maybe missterrs would work too. The rest get a thumbs down.

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