Antsy Pantsy

I am so anxious lately! I feel like I want to do something BIG. Some of the ridiclous ideas that have entered my mind as of late:

Buying a condo: HA! Isn’t that laughable? ME? BUY A HOME? That would require some kind of…what is the word I am looking for…. committment? Committment to a city/state/country? HA! Beyond this so-called comittment it would also require MONEY. Am I in la-la land or what?

Sky Diving: HYSTERICAL! I don’t even like to fly. How am I going to jump out of the plane when I can hardly get on the plane in the first place, much less JUMP out of it?? But I bet I would get some great pictures. Bonzzzaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii!

Going back to School: OK, this one isn’t so crazy. BUT STILL. Especially if I could get into a program like the Masters of Science Program at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. Hey, I just applied for an application. That’s a start, isn’t it?

Thank god I am going on my big trip to Amsterdam and ???? (wherever our fancy takes us) in a few weeks. That will make me settle down a bit. Actually… probably not. It will likely make me think of selling everything I own and moving back to Europe. Hey! That’s not a bad idea….!

Oh, and by the way. The US Department of State issued a Travel Warning for Iraq today. Just in case you were thinking of spending your summer holidays there, I thought you should know. Damn. Now where am I going to go? I hear Syria is nice this time of year…

Let’s Go Fishing!

A friend of mine is one of the founders for the charity group Stock the Pond. How they describe themselves:

It only takes two degrees of separation to make a connection. Stock the Pond connects people by hosting parties where our friends and your friends create the guest list and we all support a worthy cause. There is no best place to meet someone. But in our experience the best way to meet someone is through friends. We know some great people, you know some great people, let’s bring them all together.

Their next event is on Wednesday at:
312 Stuart Street
Boston, MA

Wednesday 6:00pm – 9:30pm

If you want to be included on the evite, click HERE.
I haven’t been to other events of theirs, but the buzz says this one will be lots of fun! Did you know I have a direct line to the Buzz? I bet you didn’t.

Weekend Antics, sort of

What a weekend! Full of fun, friends, and food. No, not food. Beer! And bloody marys! And other adult beverages! However, in an uncharacteristic move, I did not take my camera everywhere with me, so I don’t have the usual photos to post to illustrate the good times we’re havin’ in Boston. These will have to do instead….

So Friday night Geary and I started off the weekend right by hitting some local bars for some fun and drinks after work….

Here are some of the places we went*

We had some good conversation, and the evening got a little wild and crazy– especially when we hit Solas and got front row seats at HB’s bar. Geary even got to dancing with the local talent after a few strong cocktails…

Here is Geary dancing with an Irish guy at Solas*

It was a late late late night out, so Saturday I was feeling very hot and lazy– Boston summer is here and I don’t have much in terms of air conditioning. I lounged on the couch and surfed the internet most of the morning, changing all my links to my new URL….

Here I am lounging on the couch*

Around 2pm I went to pick up Erin’s car, since she wasn’t using it for the weekend. She was sweating her ass off on a charity road race from Boston to Provincetown. That’s 75 miles on a bike for 2 days in 90 degree weather. Did I tell you that insanity runs in my family? SO anyway, I was psyched to have a car for the weekend….

E’s car*

It was also great to have a car since I went out to Newton (pronounced new-un) because Kevin was having a party. Here is a nice shot of the gracious host…


The regular boys were there, and I brought Geary with me. I met some nice new people including a guy who couldn’t stop talking about his nipples and how sore they were. It was a nice crowd of people…

The regular boys and some nice new people*

Since I was driving, I decided to leave before things got too wild and crazy. Kevin’s couch didn’t seem as comfortable as it looked. But I hear things got really crazy…

party gets crazy at kevins*

The next day, another hot and sunny day, Ashbloem had a great idea: let’s go to lake Waban! Right on Wellesley College’s campus, it was the perfect spot for the day. We sat in the sun, swam in the lake and snacked on a variety of fruits and munchies. Here is a shot of the lake…

The lake*

We had all kinds of fun and interesting characters with us. Here is a shot of Ashbloem by the port-a-pottys:

Ashbloem by the port-a-pottys*

Mana and Seth were there too, and brought their friend Brent. Crazy Brent actually ran around the lake not just once, but twice! In 90+ degree weather! In teeny-tiny running shorts! Here is a shot of Brent and Mana hanging out at the lake…

Brent and Mana*

We were also joined by my new friend, Mr. Germany. He took a break from splitting atoms at MIT to hang out with us. I was shocked when he said he didn’t know who David Hasselhoff is…I think he was lying. ALL Germans must know who DH is, right? Isn’t he like HUGE over there?? Here is a picture of Mr. Germany at the lake with us…

Mr. Germany*

Mr. Germany and I finished off the weekend over a few casual drinks at the local pub.

Me having a casual drink at the pub*

So you can see, it was another fine weekend!!

The funny thing is that I am supposed to have today off. But I FORGOT. What the hell? I have more vacation days than I can count so I planned to take off a bunch of random Mondays, including today. But I forgot. I could be home lounging right now. Dammit.

*Not true depictions whatsoever. Duh. Although some are pretty darn close if I do say so myself.

Welcome to my new home!

Thanks for joining me here at Interravision. We’re unpacking our boxes and getting all settled in. I think this new site is going to be very gezellig. Interrrrrraaaaaavvvviiisssiooonnnnn. Yes. I quite like that. I am sure we’ll all be very happy in my new home. So consider this my house warming party and pour yourself a glass of wine.

Summer nights on Ashbloem’s Amsterdam terrace

Movie Trailers

Look Closely at this picture:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson and/or Matt Damon may or may not be in the trailer photographed above. Or the One next to it. Yes. You heard me. One or all or none of them may, or may not, be in that trailer, or the other one.

Apparently they are filing a movie right here in Beantown (I bet that is Matty D’s doing, being a local boy and all) called The Departed. According to IMDb:

Plot Outline:The story, set in Boston, revolves around a gangster (Damon) who infiltrates the police department and a cop (DiCaprio) who infiltrates the gangs. The two find out that a mole is in each organization and race to find each other’s identity

Doesn’t that sound super exciting and unlike any other film filmed before? Other actors listed on the call sheet are Mark Wahlberg (another boston boy if I am not mistaken), Alec Baldwin (right, since he is such a bad ass), and President Martin Sheen. I should also mention that none other than the great Scorsese is directing. Maybe this will be the one to garnish him with his first Oscar! And while he is accepting his trophy I will be home on my couch shouting, “I saw his trailer, or maybe it was Nicholson’s!”

All I know is that I am definitely keeping my camera with me at all times just in case I run into one of them at the Store 24 getting Funyuns (N.B. NOT spelled “funions” as I first suspected thanks to Ashbloem who says anyone from TX or is a Brittney Spears fan knows how to properly spell Funyons goddamit).

Say I were to run into Matt Damon at Store 24, he with Funyons, me with a box of croutons (I know, it’s weird that I love croutons so much, just accept it and let it go). This is how I imagine the conversation:

ME: Wow, hi. You’re Matt Damon.
MD: I know.
ME: I didn’t know that you liked Funyons, I pegged you more as a Pringles kind of guy.
MD: Huh. No. Funyons are where it’s at. Pringles are for p***ies Have you ever been to Texas?
ME: I’ve always been a Doritos girl.
MD: Well, I like Doritos too! Which flavor?
ME: Nacho Cheese all the way. Those other flavors can go to hell. I’m a traditionalist.
MD: Totally. I’m right there with you.
ME: Yeah.
MD: Want to go to the South of France with me? I’m ditching my super-model girlfriend.
ME: Sure! Can I take your picture?
(see Matt Damon is polite enough not to question why I am eating from a box of croutons. He’s a good guy like that).

Think you want to work in movies and live in New England (acting, producing, working on the set)? Check out this site: NEFilm.

In other news…

I was riding the %^&$% Green Line Shuttle last night (heading for my first “e-date” in a while– that’s a story for another time) when I saw this graffiti on the bus and just had to laugh:

Amen, brother. Amen.

Happy Birthday Twinner!

Today is Erin’s Birthday!

I truly feel sorry for anyone who is not blessed with a sister (or brother for that matter). Having siblings is the best! Well, maybe not for the first 15-18 years or so. But I will save those stories for another day. Although I have to say my favorite Erin story is when she got caught when she was 17 or so hiding booze in her toy chest. Who thought Mom would look there??

Why Twinner? I don’t know. Ask Jeff, he is the one who provided her with that nickname. We all had silly nicknames… he was jeffajuazoomagoo. I was…. what do you think I am? Stupid? I am not telling you my childhood nickname*.

So raise your glasses one and all to Erin! Happy Birthday!

Birthday girl and me at her party last night

*My nickname had many variations: Pookie, Pookieluke, Pookers…you get the point. But SHHHHH! Don’t tell anyone.

Important Notice!

Over the weekend I am going to reset the URL of my blog to I am getting used to the look and feel of the new name and I kind of like it. You’ll have to update your links and bookmarks. Sorry for the inconvenience! I will send out additional reminders for the rest of the week. I believe an old copy of the blog will remain in place (but dormant) for some time.


Crash and Burn

I am not going to write much today…. I am cranky because I wiped out on my bike yesterday at lunch and today am feeling the repurcussions pretty badly. I actually have bruises on my back. How the hell did I do that? Grrr. As I was crossing the the busy street by my office my bike slipped out of gear causing me to wreck. Lucky for me traffic was fairly light at the time! So I guess I have to get my gears reworked, which is something that I knew already. Bah. Ouch.

Weekend with Pop: Day 2

The big event on Day two’s agenda was the going to Fenway to see the Sox play the Pirates. I was so excited for the game, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least! Thank God the tickets I scored were legit (I had a few minor doubts… ok, I was really super skeptical which I will continue to blame on Mr. V who denies any part in that). Not only were the tickets legit, but the seats were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Dad, being a native of Massachusettes, grew up being a Red Sox fan. Since he hadn’t been to a game in 6 or 7 years, the tickets made the perfect Father’s Day present!

Here are some pictures of the day:

Going to the game

The Field

Me and Dad: Happy Father’s Day!

“All Praise Kevin Millar!” shouted the kids sitting next to us

Ashbloem and Ann of Superette fame joined my family for the big game. Ash was a little worse for wear due to the previous nights activities, but she rallied around the third inning or so. Ann was as fun and gregarious as ever.

Ashbloem and Ann

Ann scored some serious hotdog action

Pitcher Matt Clement on the mound

Ann and me

Historic Fenway Park

Erin Regresses to her old childhood ways

The next big name in baseball was sitting in front of us

I love that they still change the stats by hand

All in all it was an awesome day. The Sox beat the Pirates 8-0. Woo-hoo! Dad said it was the best Father’s Day he ever had. I couldn’t agree more!

Dad and his girls

Weekend with Pop: Day 1

So Friday afternoon my Dad rolled into town to visit my sister and me. We had a jam-packed weekend filled with fun activities! Dad lives down in Annapolis, MD, but is originally from Massachusettes. So, he likes to come up to visit his daughters every so often…but I think it is just an excuse to get his fix of REAL fried clams (with bellies) not the crappy clam strips you find everywhere else in the world.

Saturday started off EARLY when we made our way up to NH to volunteer for a biking event. E. is riding in the Great Mass Getaway to support MS next week and this was a fundraiser to help the team make their donation requirements. We met the bikers and then got to hang out and hand out water and snacks to the riders.

The biking gang pre-ride

Dad and E. at the checkpoint

Some say I look like my dad…

Our next stop was to Ipswich to get Dad some REAL clams at the CLAM BOX. Dad said they were some of the best darn clams he ever had. After gorging ourselves with fried food, we went to Crane’s Beach for a walk along the water. By then the sun had come out and it was a beautiful day.

at Crane’s Beach


reflections in the sand

During the day, E. and I got to catch up and exchange in some pretty deep conversation:

E: Saskatchewan.
T: What?

E: Saskatchewan.
T: What are you talking about?
E: That’s a funny word.
E: Saskatchewan.
E: Say it. Sas-Katcch-e-wan.
T: No.
E: Say it. It’s funny.
T: Leave me alone.

So, that’s all for Day 1 of Pop-alooza 2005. Stay tuned for Day 2!