Where to begin?

I feel like I have so much to tell about my recent trip, but I don’t even know where to begin. I’d like to post a few photos, but out of the 800… which to choose? I am almost done cataloging the 200 that I will post in my online photo album; once I am done I will post the link. Maybe an idea is to start posting a little each day about the different countries that were visited. Yes. Tomorrow we’ll start with Norway. Here is a preview photo for you of the cutest little Norwegian baby you ever did see:

I am already contemplating my next trip to Europe in July. Ashlee and I are heading to Amsterdam to see U2 at the Amsterdam Arena. Lucky for me, if I didn’t mention it already, I scored free plane tickets at work. I will likely stay with M., so it should be one cheap vacation!! The question is– where to go on my free days? After the concert there are 4-5 days to play around with. So here are a few thoughts:

1) Just hang in Amsterdam with old friends. Sit along the canals drinking wittebiers and watching the bikers roll on by. Maybe a day or two at the beach.

2) M. wants to go with me to Barcelona. Spain is one huge gap in my travel resume and I am dying to see Barcelona. But Spain in July… is that loco?

3) Miss Frankie generously offered to have me stay at her flat in London for a few days. As I have made abundantly clear I Love Love Love London and would love to go back and spend some free time meandering through the city streets.

4) Head back to Naples to visit my old host mother. She lost her husband last Fall and would probably like a visit. Sadly Giorgia won’t be there.

5) A visit to Pelle in Scandinavia. Well, not actually Pelle in Scandinavia, but those of you in the know likely know what I am talking about (umm, that’s probably just Ashlee come to think of it).

So many choices!! Wow, a feeling of gratitude just washed over me. How lucky am I that my biggest worry tonight (other than how to pay off my credit card from all the recent travel!) is what lovely place to visit next?

Well, it is late and I still have sleep to catch up on.

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