Super heroes

Thank God for girlfriends.

Last night started off relatively low key. Geary called on her way back from NYC and we made plans to meet up later that night. Since Ashbloem is having a very wicked affair with MDWSA, it’s no wonder the evening ended up just as it did. Let me recount the events of the evening for you.

Since feeling, once again, “low key”, we decided to hit my favorite Irish Pub… as we all know by now it is my favorite because of Hottie Bartender Who Gives Me Free Drinks. When Ashbloem and I walked into the bar, we (well, I) was sorely disappointed to see that some other dude was tending bar. Whhaaattt??? The fact that he was also Irish provided little consolation. Oh well. The evening suddenly took a whole different spin now that HBWGMFD wasn’t there. We sat down anyway and had a drink. I pulled out my trusty little camera, and started taking random bar shots again, so lucky for you readers, I am able to illustrate many of the events of the night.

scenes on a table

Geary arrived shortly later like a Tornado, having just come from talking to a friend who is at a pretty serious personal crossroad. We talked about this friend, the problems with families, and why the damn waitress couldn’t Just Be Polite. Conversation was both animated and serious with lots of gesticulation (mostly on dear Geary’s part).

Tornado Geary

We had some food… we had some beers…

Beer Goggles

It gets to be about 11pm or so and we decide to call it a night…. after all it is a school night for Ashbloem and Geary (I have today off). BUT WAIT! WAIT JUST ONE SECOND!

Literally as we are walking out the door, I spy HBWGMFD by the kitchen. HE IS HERE! But we are actually moving out the doorway into the rain, coats on, umbrellas out, already forming our goodbyes. Fun Ashbloem, stops me (Sensible Terra) on the sidewalk just outside of the bar and we have a conversation that sort of goes like this:

FA: Let’s go back
ST: What? And do what? Are you kidding? We’ve already left the bar.
FA: I have a plan.
ST: You have a plan? What plan?
FA: Don’t you trust me?
ST: No.
FA: Fine, then we’re leaving.
ST: What is the plan?
FA: I am not going to tell you, you just have to trust me.
ST: Grrr.
FA: What’s it gonna be, huh?
ST: Come on, just tell me.
FA: No. Do you want to call it a night?

Let me break from the story for a minute. I have known Ashbloem a LONG time. She is probably my longest running adulthood friend that I regularly hang out with. I know if she has a plan, it is likely a good one, but will definitely push me beyond my typical social boundaries (not that this is a bad thing). The question I should have asked was, “How far does your plan push me?”. Back to the convo:

ST: OK, I trust you.

We trot back into the bar like giddy schoolgirls looking for the hunky quarterback, as if we hadn’t just left 5 minutes before… Geary and I faithfully following Ashbloem like ducklings behind mamma duck. She walks confidently up to the bouncers and says, “Is Sean here tonight?” They respond, why yes, he is tending bar upstairs.

Upstairs? I didn’t even know there WAS an upstairs. But there is, and here is evidence of it:

the bar upstairs

So, once again in line we follow the lovely A. up the stairs… and THERE HE IS. My memory of the rest of the evening is like watching a videotape in fast-forward. Ash and Geary did their best to encourage some flirty conversation between me and HB. Ash would say things like, “Oh, you can rent out the upstairs for parties? Wow! Terra and I have thrown some great parties when we lived in Amsterdam. They were really fun. If we threw a party, would you come to it?” (he said he would). Ashbloem would nudge me under the bar when it was my cue to say something witty, and she laughed heartily at all my quips. We laughed… we had more to drink.


At one point of the evening HB and I were debating who is more romantic: Irish or Italian poets. He challenged my theory by daring me to write a limerick and handed me a napkin and a pen. I took on this challenge very enthusiastically (it came together quite quickly, and wasn’t so bad if I do say so myself). He seemed genuinely impressed, after Ashbloem did a dramatic reading, and said he would have it framed behind the bar (yeah, right).

There once was a bartender named Sean…

After that things started to deteriorate a little bit (well, at least my memory does). All the while Geary was having a grand old time chatting up a nice man she met sitting at the bar. Ash and I had more to drink and I took even more pictures.

things deteriorate

This is around the time that Ashbloem thought it would be a good idea to walk behind the bar throw her arms around HB and exclaim, “Terra take a picture of me and HB!” I wasn’t even jealous for a second because I knew EXACTLY what she was doing… giving me an excuse to capture the Hottie Bartender on digital film. That’s exactly what good girlfriends do for you. She took one for the team. That is, if you can call throwing your arms around a gorgeous hunk of an Irishman a sacrifice.

Ashbloem “helping me out”

The evening came to a close… we asked for the tab and none was produced “It’s already taken care of my dears”. God bless HBWGMFD. God bless girlfriends. It’s going to be a fun summer.

That’s what friends are for

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