Weekend with Pop: Day 2

The big event on Day two’s agenda was the going to Fenway to see the Sox play the Pirates. I was so excited for the game, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least! Thank God the tickets I scored were legit (I had a few minor doubts… ok, I was really super skeptical which I will continue to blame on Mr. V who denies any part in that). Not only were the tickets legit, but the seats were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Dad, being a native of Massachusettes, grew up being a Red Sox fan. Since he hadn’t been to a game in 6 or 7 years, the tickets made the perfect Father’s Day present!

Here are some pictures of the day:

Going to the game

The Field

Me and Dad: Happy Father’s Day!

“All Praise Kevin Millar!” shouted the kids sitting next to us

Ashbloem and Ann of Superette fame joined my family for the big game. Ash was a little worse for wear due to the previous nights activities, but she rallied around the third inning or so. Ann was as fun and gregarious as ever.

Ashbloem and Ann

Ann scored some serious hotdog action

Pitcher Matt Clement on the mound

Ann and me

Historic Fenway Park

Erin Regresses to her old childhood ways

The next big name in baseball was sitting in front of us

I love that they still change the stats by hand

All in all it was an awesome day. The Sox beat the Pirates 8-0. Woo-hoo! Dad said it was the best Father’s Day he ever had. I couldn’t agree more!

Dad and his girls

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