Happy Birthday Twinner!

Today is Erin’s Birthday!

I truly feel sorry for anyone who is not blessed with a sister (or brother for that matter). Having siblings is the best! Well, maybe not for the first 15-18 years or so. But I will save those stories for another day. Although I have to say my favorite Erin story is when she got caught when she was 17 or so hiding booze in her toy chest. Who thought Mom would look there??

Why Twinner? I don’t know. Ask Jeff, he is the one who provided her with that nickname. We all had silly nicknames… he was jeffajuazoomagoo. I was…. what do you think I am? Stupid? I am not telling you my childhood nickname*.

So raise your glasses one and all to Erin! Happy Birthday!

Birthday girl and me at her party last night

*My nickname had many variations: Pookie, Pookieluke, Pookers…you get the point. But SHHHHH! Don’t tell anyone.

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