Movie Trailers

Look Closely at this picture:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson and/or Matt Damon may or may not be in the trailer photographed above. Or the One next to it. Yes. You heard me. One or all or none of them may, or may not, be in that trailer, or the other one.

Apparently they are filing a movie right here in Beantown (I bet that is Matty D’s doing, being a local boy and all) called The Departed. According to IMDb:

Plot Outline:The story, set in Boston, revolves around a gangster (Damon) who infiltrates the police department and a cop (DiCaprio) who infiltrates the gangs. The two find out that a mole is in each organization and race to find each other’s identity

Doesn’t that sound super exciting and unlike any other film filmed before? Other actors listed on the call sheet are Mark Wahlberg (another boston boy if I am not mistaken), Alec Baldwin (right, since he is such a bad ass), and President Martin Sheen. I should also mention that none other than the great Scorsese is directing. Maybe this will be the one to garnish him with his first Oscar! And while he is accepting his trophy I will be home on my couch shouting, “I saw his trailer, or maybe it was Nicholson’s!”

All I know is that I am definitely keeping my camera with me at all times just in case I run into one of them at the Store 24 getting Funyuns (N.B. NOT spelled “funions” as I first suspected thanks to Ashbloem who says anyone from TX or is a Brittney Spears fan knows how to properly spell Funyons goddamit).

Say I were to run into Matt Damon at Store 24, he with Funyons, me with a box of croutons (I know, it’s weird that I love croutons so much, just accept it and let it go). This is how I imagine the conversation:

ME: Wow, hi. You’re Matt Damon.
MD: I know.
ME: I didn’t know that you liked Funyons, I pegged you more as a Pringles kind of guy.
MD: Huh. No. Funyons are where it’s at. Pringles are for p***ies Have you ever been to Texas?
ME: I’ve always been a Doritos girl.
MD: Well, I like Doritos too! Which flavor?
ME: Nacho Cheese all the way. Those other flavors can go to hell. I’m a traditionalist.
MD: Totally. I’m right there with you.
ME: Yeah.
MD: Want to go to the South of France with me? I’m ditching my super-model girlfriend.
ME: Sure! Can I take your picture?
(see Matt Damon is polite enough not to question why I am eating from a box of croutons. He’s a good guy like that).

Think you want to work in movies and live in New England (acting, producing, working on the set)? Check out this site: NEFilm.

In other news…

I was riding the %^&$% Green Line Shuttle last night (heading for my first “e-date” in a while– that’s a story for another time) when I saw this graffiti on the bus and just had to laugh:

Amen, brother. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Movie Trailers

  1. Maybe its a man disguising his handwriting as a woman. Or a transvestite, or a… well, I don’t know. It’s still damn funny whomever wrote it. I think they should start a grafitti campaign!

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