Let’s Go Fishing!

A friend of mine is one of the founders for the charity group Stock the Pond. How they describe themselves:

It only takes two degrees of separation to make a connection. Stock the Pond connects people by hosting parties where our friends and your friends create the guest list and we all support a worthy cause. There is no best place to meet someone. But in our experience the best way to meet someone is through friends. We know some great people, you know some great people, let’s bring them all together.

Their next event is on Wednesday at:
312 Stuart Street
Boston, MA

Wednesday 6:00pm – 9:30pm

If you want to be included on the evite, click HERE.
I haven’t been to other events of theirs, but the buzz says this one will be lots of fun! Did you know I have a direct line to the Buzz? I bet you didn’t.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Go Fishing!

  1. interravision! I’m in Bratislava and just completely humiliated myself at a conference opening this morning.I got food poisoning at a Mexican Restaurant last night and threw up a few times throughout the night.By 9 am this morning I felt only slightly better but I filed into the hall full of 1,000 conference guests.Just as the key note speaker took the podium I hit the floor running and threw up on the floor, in front of everyone, before I had managed to leave the room.I got outside and threw up on the stairs once more before finally reaching the toilets.So within the first 10 minutes of the conference I became universally known as the man who throws up in public places at inopportune moment.I want to go home.I’ll sort out your link then.

  2. ah no, did I sound a bit mopey?It was actually very funny, in a very humiliating kind of way. I’m used to this sort of thing. I once got my dick stuck in my zipper while taking a break white-water rafting. The entire group I was rafting with watched on in horror from the river bank as the raft-master de-zipped by dick and then inspected it for cuts. I was twelve years old.So humiliation is a very relative term for me.My entire life sometimes seems to be these small blackly comic cinematic episodes that take place in very public places. I have a black bucket over my head at all times (forget clouds).You know, my friends always tell me, “if you can’t laugh at yourself mate, you’re missing out on the best joke in the world.” The only depressing thing was that I threw up because of Mexican food and not tequila.

  3. I meant to go this week… but didn’t get there. But friends of mine who went had a really nice time! Get on the list, and go next time… what do you have to lose? At the very least your are helping a great charity! xox.

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