Weekend Antics, sort of

What a weekend! Full of fun, friends, and food. No, not food. Beer! And bloody marys! And other adult beverages! However, in an uncharacteristic move, I did not take my camera everywhere with me, so I don’t have the usual photos to post to illustrate the good times we’re havin’ in Boston. These will have to do instead….

So Friday night Geary and I started off the weekend right by hitting some local bars for some fun and drinks after work….

Here are some of the places we went*

We had some good conversation, and the evening got a little wild and crazy– especially when we hit Solas and got front row seats at HB’s bar. Geary even got to dancing with the local talent after a few strong cocktails…

Here is Geary dancing with an Irish guy at Solas*

It was a late late late night out, so Saturday I was feeling very hot and lazy– Boston summer is here and I don’t have much in terms of air conditioning. I lounged on the couch and surfed the internet most of the morning, changing all my links to my new URL….

Here I am lounging on the couch*

Around 2pm I went to pick up Erin’s car, since she wasn’t using it for the weekend. She was sweating her ass off on a charity road race from Boston to Provincetown. That’s 75 miles on a bike for 2 days in 90 degree weather. Did I tell you that insanity runs in my family? SO anyway, I was psyched to have a car for the weekend….

E’s car*

It was also great to have a car since I went out to Newton (pronounced new-un) because Kevin was having a party. Here is a nice shot of the gracious host…


The regular boys were there, and I brought Geary with me. I met some nice new people including a guy who couldn’t stop talking about his nipples and how sore they were. It was a nice crowd of people…

The regular boys and some nice new people*

Since I was driving, I decided to leave before things got too wild and crazy. Kevin’s couch didn’t seem as comfortable as it looked. But I hear things got really crazy…

party gets crazy at kevins*

The next day, another hot and sunny day, Ashbloem had a great idea: let’s go to lake Waban! Right on Wellesley College’s campus, it was the perfect spot for the day. We sat in the sun, swam in the lake and snacked on a variety of fruits and munchies. Here is a shot of the lake…

The lake*

We had all kinds of fun and interesting characters with us. Here is a shot of Ashbloem by the port-a-pottys:

Ashbloem by the port-a-pottys*

Mana and Seth were there too, and brought their friend Brent. Crazy Brent actually ran around the lake not just once, but twice! In 90+ degree weather! In teeny-tiny running shorts! Here is a shot of Brent and Mana hanging out at the lake…

Brent and Mana*

We were also joined by my new friend, Mr. Germany. He took a break from splitting atoms at MIT to hang out with us. I was shocked when he said he didn’t know who David Hasselhoff is…I think he was lying. ALL Germans must know who DH is, right? Isn’t he like HUGE over there?? Here is a picture of Mr. Germany at the lake with us…

Mr. Germany*

Mr. Germany and I finished off the weekend over a few casual drinks at the local pub.

Me having a casual drink at the pub*

So you can see, it was another fine weekend!!

The funny thing is that I am supposed to have today off. But I FORGOT. What the hell? I have more vacation days than I can count so I planned to take off a bunch of random Mondays, including today. But I forgot. I could be home lounging right now. Dammit.

*Not true depictions whatsoever. Duh. Although some are pretty darn close if I do say so myself.

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