Back to our regularly scheduled programming…for today anyway

There are lots of things running through my brain this morning at warp speed. And I am sure it has nothing to do with the extra large coffee sitting on my desk that was empty by 9:15.

First…. I leave tomorrow for my trip! Yay! First stop will be Tampa for a work meeting, then directly on to Amsterdam. Ashbloem and I have already started filling our social calendar and we’ll be able to meet up with lots of fun characters from our days living in the Jordaan….

Like Anita!

And Rene!

And Jason and Ulrika!

And Matthijs!

And Antonio!(that’s Ashbloem with him)

Maybe GJ will make an appearance! (again Ashbloem in the shot looking so Rock Star)

I’ve heard that Johan (the Roman) will be around as well!

There are bound to be others around as well…we just have to see when we get there. I am still playing with the idea to hit London again to see Frankie, but I haven’t yet decided. Depends on finances more than anything else.

The weekend was fun… especially the “Irish Wake” for the departed Little Blue Scooter over at casa de Superette. Just look how sad and despondent we all look:

Have you ever seen a group of people so sad and despondent? And then the party was invaded…. by rice-crispy treat eating beetles…also clearly sad and despondent clinging to hope for a better future and butter:

That’s Gross.

That’s even more gross.

Well, this is probably my last posting for a few days, although hopefully I can get on line at Matthijs’ house. Tot Ziens!

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