A few pics

We’re having lots of fun!! So far the trend seems to be: sleep until noon (or later), eat, drink, stay out till 4am, sleep until noon. Rock stars! haha. Last night we had dinner at Het Heland (or something like that) and then met up with a ton of friends at “Werck”(translation: Work). This bar used to be a crappy Caribbean restaurant which has been transformed into a restaurant/club that is actually pretty cool. The DJ was spinning lots of 80’s classics, even I was convinced to do a little dancing (shocking, I know).

Here above we have Sara and Ulrika– our favorite Swedish Mammas.

Ashlee at “Work” (that was the name of the club)

Ladies in Blue: Ashlee and Mirelle
Johan and Ashlee at Duvel in de Pijp

3 thoughts on “A few pics

  1. helloooooooooo ladies…. looks like you are having fun. Great picts. I’m jealous! Go to Wynand Fockink and toss back a few “na achten” for me….

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