Canal Adventures Continue

Asbloem and I met up in the Center today to do a little shopping and relax by the canals with a beer. Since all our friends apparently have to actually WORK (bah! can you believe that??) we made do with just each other as company. And I definitely can’t complain when I have Ashbloem for company. She’s a laugh-riot, as many of you well know.

I got to make my annual pilgrimage to jewelry boutique Biche de Bere (sorry, the designer doesn’t appear to have a website to link to) and bought a fantastic silver necklace. Those of you who know me know that I am crazy for artistic silver necklaces and try to stop by and make a purchase whenever I am in town. I am crazy, JUST CRAZY, for their jewelry.

We went to de Jaren and had a perfect table in the perfect sun alongside a perfect canal. We shopped some more and just wandered about more or less aimlessly enjoying the day and the familiar sights. Ash seems a little down, but she just may be tired. I tried to cheer her up by snapping silly photos in the ladies room at de Jaren.

Did I mention that I tried herring for the first time ever the other day? I lived here for FOUR years and refused repeatedly to try raw pickled herring from any of the million stands that line the streets of Amsterdam. But on Thursday, I don’t know, I just gave in. And guess what… It was horrible and I was right not to try it all along!!! Just kidding. It actually wasn’t bad. Kind of salty but buttery all at the same time. I’d try it again.

Here is evidence that today took place:

Me by the perfect canal looking vaguely smug because I am on vacation after all. I should point out that I am wearing an older Biche de Bere necklace bought on my last trip to Amsterdam.

Ashbloem makes a cuter smug face than I do for sure

Gettin’ silly in the Ladies room. Hey, we had to pay to be in there so why not make the most of it?

More ladies room hysterics. Aren’t you hysterical just seeing these pictures? No? What’s wrong with you? That is pure comedy.

Finally, here is the shot of my new Biche de Bere. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and if you don’t, too bad. Can you see how tired I look? I am exhausted. I am going to need a vacation from my vacation!!

I have no pictures of me trying the herring. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it actually happened.

2 thoughts on “Canal Adventures Continue

  1. Hey! OK, I wasn’t SO much of a laff riot TODAY, but I was walking down memory lane and shit. But I am so happy to be here generally! Woo hoo!OK, I’m off to have dinner! YAY our day out!

  2. More pictures of…ladies rooms? No…Canals…we want canals. And more travel photos which is the hallmark of your fine, exquisite, interesting, intelligent,non-self absorbed site. Which is the reason I read it every day ( BUT if you HAPPEN to go by the redlight district with your camera….)

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