Sunday! It’s the new Saturday!

OK, normally Mondays definitely do NOT rock. But in August they DO! Why? I have taken a month of Mondays off from work. 4 weeks of 4-day weeks! Sweet! Sunday…it’s the new Saturday!

What do I plan to do:

hang with my sister
hang with superette (when they get back)
go to the beach
ride my bike
visit Steph in NY (Hi Steph, you don’t know this yet, but I am coming for a visit in August!)
Hit the MFA
Go to a matinee
read by the river
Stay up late on Sunday nights

What I will not be doing:

Calling the office
checking my email
blogging (well….maybe)
watching Oprah
cleaning the house (it’s my vacation for goodness sake!)
keeping an eye on Mus

only about 2 more weeks of vacation that I have to spend before Dec 31 (I get a whopping 37 days this year). Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Sunday! It’s the new Saturday!

  1. If you want Fun Travel and Adventure…..come visit me…that should burn about 2 weeks…and who can say they have a passport stamp from AFGHANISTAN?(you’ll be just in time for the poppy harvest!!)

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