Poker, Wigs and Vodka

My lonely stack o’ chips

Shuffle up and Deeeaaallllll!

You know what, I just suck at poker. I played OK. I really did. But lady luck just would not smile on me, even after I put on a hat. You know, that’s my motto… when things aren’t going your way, put on a hat. If I would ever play strip-poker, I would wear more layers than Mary-Kate Olsen would need if stuck in a meat locker. But when ladies play poker we get distracted. Here are some of the things that we had a “delay of game” to discuss:

  1. hats
  2. wigs
  3. proper hair removal of the pubic region
  4. vodka
  5. where to get a good hair cut (not related to #3)
  6. Boys
  7. cameras/digital pictures and how to get the multi-shutter function to fucntion

Here is a story in pictures:

The Game Begins, we are masters of the Poker Face

Ann does her best impression of Gob from Arrested Development
(if you haven’t seen this show, shame on you)

the trash talkin’ begins

Then we get down to serious poker business

I am convinced that Carrrrmen is hiding aces up her sleeves. Well, she doesn’t have sleeves, but I am convinced that somehow she is cheating…look at this face, is it not the face of a cheater???

I need something to improve my karma, so I ask Ashbloem to borrow her cowboy hat. I love this hat. Then we all decide to don some kind of headgear. Except for Carmen who doesn’t want to break her winning streak.

And before I know it…my dwindling stack o’ chips…

…are all gone and I am out of the game. Not even the hat helped. Bah!
And of course I should admit that the real winner was of course Carrrrmen, that cheating bitch.

“Me? Gloat? No way!”
(hahaha suckers!)*

*Just kidding Carrrrmen, you are a winner full of humilty and grace. No. Really, I mean it.

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