Moving Day

Today is moving day at the office. I am being moved temporarily to another part of the floor while contruction is being done in the area that I will be moving to in a month. Moving offices (something we do quite often for some strange reason in this office) is always interesting to me because I get to see some of the weird shit I have collected over time in, around, and under my desk. For example, I have found:

  • 5 CDs of Christmas Music
  • a stuffed duck
  • Ipod Earbuds that I can’t seem to get to stay in my ears. A.K.A a waste of $30.
  • my copy of the Boston Globe when the Sox won the World Series
  • more packets of salt than you could shake a stick at
  • decorative tissue paper in neon green, neon orange, and neon pink
  • decorative ribbon to match aformentioned tissue paper
  • 7 pairs of shoes
  • a large wool shawl
  • A poster of the Charles River Conservation project
  • multiple pieces of airplane paraphenilia (pens, post-its, pads of paper, stationary, and 5 models of various airplanes)
  • a tiny painted wooden turtle whose head bobs back and forth
  • 2 decks of playing cards

The worst part of today is that I have a nasty cold and feel like utter crap. So, I’d much rather sit and blog this meaningless drivel than pack another orange crate. Blah. Sorry, next week I promise to be more entertaining.

3 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. I have found, in my short life, that I can shake a stick at quite a lot, really. I’m not intimidated by your “salt packets”.In fact, I am shaking a stick at my computer RIGHT NOW! Take that!

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