Ahhh… drugs.

All is much better now that the Endodontist has prescribed me some Vicodin for my tooth pain. And being at work today is an interesting experience… just trying to keep walking in a straight line any time I get up from my desk and use small words when talking.

However, once again last night the pain woke me up at about 3am (just 3 hours after I took the last dose of Vicodin). I managed to hang on for another hour before I couldn’t stand it, and finally at 4am I got up, went to the kitchen, and popped another pill. I wanted to give the meds a chance to start working before lying back down, so I thought I would check on a few songs that I was downloading overnight (thanks to dial up 1 song takes about 30+ minutes to download).

So I sat on the living room floor, groggy and in pain, and powered up the laptop. I am just about to check the song file when out of the corner I see a blur of fur run across the living room and under the couch. FUCK FUCK FUCK. That goddamn mouse is still here. I guess he didn’t read my letter from a few weeks ago and somehow thinks that he has free rein over my apartment during the late night hours. Well, Mr. Mus Musculus, YOU ARE WRONG. I guess the meds had kicked in a little bit since at the moment, instead of screaming and jumping out of the way, I just turned off the computer and went back to sleep (very un-interravision of me).

Now I am wondering… did I really see the mouse? Or was it my half-asleep, partially drugged, pain ridden brain that conjured him up out of thin air? Bah. I don’t know. I was too scared to look for evidence of him under the couch this morning. I am sure he will make his presence known to me if he is intending to stay for a while.

By the way, the endodontist yesterday told me of a third option I have if the re-root canal or pulling the evil tooth in question are not viable solutions: surgury. See, how it works is that they attack the roots (“snip them off”, he said) from the top, rather than going from the bottom via the tooth. How do they do that? Through your cheek. Ummm. No, I don’t think I will be having a root extraction via my face anytime soon. No. And PPS: if I hear one more doctor say the word “snip” to me in the next few weeks I am going to lose my mind. You’ve been fairly warned.

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3 thoughts on “Ahhh… drugs.

  1. I had my wisdom teeth extracted when I was in college, over thanksgiving break, thinking I would be able to rest at home and recuperate in relative comfort. well, the damn things got infected and, since it was thanksgiving break, the oral surgeon’s office was closed, i repeat CLOSED, for days. As a result, I have come to believe there is nothing as painful as mouth pain, unless it’s giving birth to a 12lb. baby. – dab

  2. Dewey-Cheatham-and Howe…best lawyers in Bahhhston. At least thats what the Car Talk guys say. Just take them the paperwork from the first dentist and these last two posts. Open and shut case…so to speak.

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