Hey Jude

So, Judy is coming to town this weekend.
Judy and I go WAY back. I mean WAAAAAYYY back. I’ve probably known her longer than anyone. In fact, I became very attached to her at a very young age. Well, at around the time of my conception in any event. Judy, A.K.A “Mom” (not Mummy, Ma, or Mommy) is making her way to Boston as I type this from the deep South. Beaufort, South Carolina. Ever been there?

That picture above actually isn’t Beaufort, it is Florida. Beaufort is a funny place. Very Southern. Very quaint. Lots of shrimp. It is where great films like The Prince of Tides and Forrest Gump were filmed. Possibly even Girls Gone Wild vol. 54.

Beaufort is very close to Parris “Where the Difference Begins” Island, you know… where the Marines go to boot camp. So the surrounding areas are very very very SERIOUSLY PATRIOTIC. No kidding around here, folks. I remember going to visit for Thanksgiving, the November after 9/11. It was my first time in the U.S. since those horrific events, and my first time to Beaufort, South Carolina.

I will never forget that at every hour, on the hour, the radio station played both the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America followed by a short taped address from Prez. Bush. I was so surprised by the depth and the extent of patriotism… I just didn’t expect it. Looking back, I suppose I should have anticipated seeing the outpouring of emotion being translated into the displaying flags on every available space. I did a photo essay of some of the stranger things I saw exhibiting our new found patriotism, which I will post on another day. Really, a stars and stripes thong?? Come on now.

For now, here are some pictures of Beaufort for your enjoyment.

Shrimp Boats in the Harbor

Sunset over the Low Country

This sign cracked me up. What is it telling
the driver?
You can go this way, OR that way.

3 thoughts on “Hey Jude

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