Wigalicious & the Weekend: Part I

Wow! What a three-day weekend! Here’s a rundown and some fun photos…Friday Night
Bar Crawl with a catch… you had to wear a wig or fake facial hair. Those who showed up without (you know who you are) either were given extra supplies we had brought to the bars or had the pleasure of Ashbloem drawing a curly pencil thin mustache on their upperlip with my eyeliner pencil.


The Cabbie thought I was nuts, but I was just having some fun

Doesn’t she look strangely like Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters?

Brinda and Ellen showing off their facial hair

The hostess Ashbloem starts the evening out in Blue

Trying on the mustache


Brinda wanted to play patty-cake all night long
with whomever she could rope into the game


Vic and Kevin decided to come dressed as bouncers
instead of wearing fake hair

Ashbloem switches to Pink

Brinda plays more patty-cake, this time with Chris

Joshito and Me

My obligatory shot of glasses on the bar

I don’t even know what to say… this just cracks me up

More photos from Friday night can be found on these blogs (eventually): Ashbloem, Superette, NotYoMomma.

More photos from the beach and Red Sox game coming soooooonnnnn!!!!

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