Thinking about it

I’m plotting my return.

My first posts in nearly 2 months will be filled with wild imagery, heartfelt observations, and laugh out loud stories. I’ll tell you about my jaunts to Prague, Nice, South Carolina, and the corner grocery. I’ll explain why pretzels are the sexiest of tasty treats. I’ll lament the boys who quickly came and went, and rejoice in the faithful friends who remain at my side. I’ll bitch about stuff that, in retrospect, isn’t really worth bitching about. But I’ll do it anyway for your amusement. Oh, there is so much to catch you up on as I have been living in warp speed wearing no seat belt.

I am thinking of all of these things and looking forward to the return of Interravision.

Did you miss me?
(say YES! Even though I swear I don’t need your validation)

7 thoughts on “Thinking about it

  1. I stumbled across your blog several months ago and was hooked. I’ve faithfully kept checking for updates ever since your hiatus, glad you’re contemplating your return.

  2. NYM, Megan and Pamsterdam…. I LOVE YOU. Thanks for the encouragement. You like me! You really like me! OK, I am over my Sally Field moment. But seriously, thanks for commenting.

  3. And you are??? Kidding!Home-made pretzels are the BEST…unless you’re in a ball park somewhere..then they could be better…but mustard…spicy mustard is a MUST! and beer…am I rambling again?? I’ll shut up.

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