Fortune Telling

My Mom is a big fan of things like tarot cards, fortune tellers, and psychics. As a result, she sometimes passes on information that a psychic has told her about me and sends over certain books or cards so I can read my own fortune. I have to admit that I secretly love this stuff. Well, maybe not so secretly. Not that I actually believe in it, it’s just for good old fun. Really, I mean it. Just for fun.

For example, let me tell you about the Cards of Illumination. Legend states that back in medieval times, playing cards were used as a way of safeguarding an ancient means of fortelling a person’s nature. Yes! The data is contained in 52 cards, which corresponds to the number of weeks in a year, 12 royal cards which represent the 12 months and the 4 suits which correspond to both the 4 seasons and the 4 astrological elements of fire, earth, air and water.

Good news: Everyone is the world is represented by one of the cards in the deck! How so? Well, first you find out what your card is on this chart. For example, my birthday is January 24th, so I am the 3 of diamonds.

Then the book tells you all about your fortune based on your card. Here is the description for the 3 of diamonds (also good for those of you born on 2/22, 3/20, 4/18, 5/16, 6/14, 7/12, 8/10, 9/8, 10/6, 11/4, and 12/2):

You have more experiences on your life path that teach you about values than others. You can make money from a variety of sources. Spending might be an issue with you. You are very bright and can be indecisive at times. Often you are involved in relationships of a fated nature that involve many adjustments and compromises. Much growth happens to you through travel, career and people related activities. Your challenge is the need to develop independence. A positive attitude will go a long way in aiding you through disappointments. Most of your challenges occur around romantic relationships. You have a deep secretive mind. Releasing your fears around money and matters of the heart provide peace of mind. Your lesson in life is to have mastery of your financial affairs. Creativity or indecision? The choice is up to you.

So, does this represent me? You be the judge!

But that’s not all, No! The cards of illumination can also tell you about how you relate with another person based on the solar values of your cards. AND can tell you about which people you will most likely have a strong connection with.

Curious about your own reading? Let me know your birthday and I will tell you what it is. Or check out their website for some more information.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I tell you about the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards.


Christmas La Dee Dee Wheee!

Ah, Christmas Morning!

Normally I wouldn’t be sitting here, watching A Christmas Story and blogging on Christmas morning. As you’ve guessed by now, I didn’t make it home. But so far it isn’t so bad. Last night Carrrrrmen and I went to see the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus and out for drinks in the only bar open in town afterwards (pictures to come later today). For some reason she had a burning desire to play Scrabble, so naturally we brought the game with us into the bar. And we played, O! It was so very intense. Thus we attracted some strange attention. Here is a snippet of conversation from a guy who sat down next to me for a spell:

Guy: What are you drinking? (gesturing to my nearly empty beer glass)
Me: It was a Guinness.
Guy: You like that stuff?
Me: Umm, looks like it.

It was actually really fun, except for the horrible music. Have you heard Cartman’s rendition of Come Sail Away?

Christmas mornings were truly magical when I was a child, especially before my parents split. I don’t remember actually finding out the truth about Santa, do you? My brother, sister, and I would stand in the kitchen (painted olive green, gotta love the ’70s), standing at the doorway that led down to the family room, where Santa had left us presents. We would giggle and take turns trying to peek through the keyhole to catch a glimpse of our goodies. When Mom and Dad said it was time, we rushed the door, down the stairwell and to our respective stockings.

We opened presents always on Christmas morning, I can’t imagine following the tradition that does them on Christmas Eve. That just can’t be the same. We were allowed to open one present before bed on Christmas Eve. An appetizer of sorts. A teaser.

We would open presents one at a time, early Chrstmas Morn, watching each other. It wasn’t a mad dash for the finish line, so we’d be at it quite a while. One Christmas my parents audio taped us opening presents. I wish I knew where that tape was! It was precious. I remember hearing my brother, who was 9 years old or so at the time, open up the double album set of Gold Rush ’79 and exclaiming with excitement, “Wow! Mom! It’s got Shake Your Groove Thing!”. Awesome.

I admit that I always felt a pang of regret once everything was ripped open and admired. I hated the idea that the next Christmas was now so very far away. I guess I sort of feel that way right now too.

On Photography, Part 1

There is something about holding the weight of a camera in my hand that soothes me, whether it be digital, print or disposable. I often feel as though I am watching life through a view finder, and feel naked if I don’t have a camera tucked somewhere on me, even if I am just going to by eggs at the corner store. It’s Murphy’s Law– if I am not packing a camera, I am liable to see something cool like circus folk juggling elephants down McGrath Highway. Really.

More than anything else, I love to photograph people. Preferably when they are not aware, or simply don’t care, that I am shooting. Thankfully most of my friends are used to the camera being constantly focused on them, so they make excellent subjects. As for strangers, that can be a bit more complicated since I also want to be respectful of privacy and personal space. Many cultures believe that letting someone take your picture is the equivalent of letting someone steal your soul so I am often careful to ask permission first before taking a stranger’s picture especially if I am traveling in a foreign country. The problem is, naturally, once permission is given their awareness of the camera almost always ruins the shot.

But I guess sometimes I don’t always ask. I just take my chances and get the shots I want.

I just got a scanner, which came along with the new computer. Exciting! Now I can start to share with you the many fun print photos I have been taking over the years. What to start with?

Given the nature of this post, I wanted to share some of my favorite “soul stealing” shots I took last summer here in Boston. These were taken by the fountain towards the read of the Christian Science Center on a very hot and sunny afternoon…

And there are blessings

I have been thinking today about the ideals of grace and kindness. Which, I guess, are specificially appropriate things to be thinking about this time of year.

In the last 24 hours I have been the recipent of both incredible heart wrenching thoughtfulness and simple immature thoughtlessness. As such, I am reminded how easy it is to focus on the bad rather than the good if you are not mindful to do otherwise.

So let me tell you about the good.

First is my friend Stephanie. Steph is such a spitfire and always full of surprises. If she were to call me up tomorrow and tell me that she had eloped with a Croatian supermodel and will spend the next year sailing the Greek Islands, I would nary raise an eyebrow. Last week a package came in the mail from dear Steph. Inside was a card that brought me to tears and two precious tree ornaments. See, she read my blog about my tree trimming party and wanted to contribute. How thoughtful is that? It brings fresh tears to my eyes as I relay the story to you. Have a look at how sweet they are:

Next, the outpouring of support from friends, family and even near strangers upon hearing I am likely staying home alone this christmas has warmed my heart.

Penny, another long time friend from college days, who has just learned that she will be spending six months in India for work, offered to drive from New Haven to Boston to spend time with me after Christmas. That is quite an offer since she doesn’t have many free days to spare before a six month separation from her boyfriend.

I had the sweetest conversation wtih Ann and Dabney this morning, who have ordered me to come up to VT to celebrate the holiday with them and Dabney’s mom. I wish it were possible! I am sure there is nothing better than snuggling up all cozy with A&D up in beautiful Vermont. That would get me in the Christmas spirit!

My family has really rallied around me offering me support and comfort. I hate the idea of not being with them, this is the first time that my brother, my sister and I would be celebrating in three separate places. Not bad for 3 kids in their 30s I suppose. My sister has made multiple offers to stay behind here in Boston with me, but I won’t let her. My dad has been calling me several times a day to check on me. I appreciate that he is just letting me make my own decsion without and pressure even though I know he really wants me to be there. My brother spent a good hour on the phone with me last night, consoling me after a particularly sad and difficult day. My Mom has been calling daily as well, just supporting me from afar.

Ashbloem, although far far away in TX, has been there to share my grief over the loss of our friend. I just wish she were here to attend the memorial service with me tomorrow. I’d like to hold her hand.

Of course you already know Vic has been a constant helpful fixture this entire Christmas season. From carrying in the chirstmas tree to fixing my bathroom drain to making sure I got home safely after a bloody mary too many. Cheers to you as well.

I can’t go without mentioning Mr. C. We’ve only been out on one date, but his constant offers to bring me supplies and fill my fridge since I can’t get out right now have been very much appreciated. He has also offered to stop my to lift my spirits on Christmas day since he will be just around the corner. All from a virtual stranger!

It feels good to sit and count the blessings of so many loving people in my life. I am going to take the advice of an anonymous commenter from one of the recent posts and see what good I can do for someone else this holiday.


I have never spent a Christmas on my own. The only time I have not been with my family for the holidays was the year I lived in Italy when I was 16. And that was OK since at least I was with a family if not my family.

With each hour that passes I am coming to accept that I will not be fit to travel home in time for Christmas. I am not in much pain, as long as I lie down and you know, don’t move or anything. Sitting and walking both are still pretty tough since yesterday’s procedure.

It comes down to this: does my physical discomfort outweigh the emotional discomfort of being on my own for Christmas?

Is this that big of a deal? For some reason it feels like it to me.


I struggle now what to say, if to say anything at all. Is it trite or tacky to mourn so publicly? On a blog of all places? I don’t know. No one sent me a rule book.

I turned to Ashbloem, who managed to do exactly this with such grace and beauty. She is always good with words, so much better than I could ever hope to be. I envy her this.

I know the pang of the loss that I feel this moment is not even a fraction of what Leila’s family and her closest friends are going through. I feel I mourn for them, her husband and young son most of all, as much as I mourn for Leila herself.

What happens next? I have no idea. All I know is this: she will be missed.


This is me, right now:
– subsitute pringles for oversized teddy bear or doggie thing
– substitute cherry coke for mirror (why did I have a mirror in bed? I don’t know. Really)
– add a dose of vicodin
– add laptop

This morning made an unexpected (sort of) trip over to Mass Gen for a little light surgery that has me off my feet the next day or two. Cross your fingers I am up and around enough to fly home Christmas Eve. Or that at least the Vicodin will be plentiful enough to get me that far.

I’ve got some DVDs here to keep me company: March of the Penguines and Arrested Development season 2 disk 3. Speaking of penguins, did you hear about they baby penguin that was stollen from a zoo in the UK? There is a GBP5,000 reward for his safe return, so if you see a lost baby penguin roaming around, please turn the poor little guy in.

I wish my mom was here to make me a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. That would kick ass.

The Terra Show

Last night was the company Christmas…errrr I mean Holiday Party. In a rare turn of events, I woke up this morning to find a ton of photos of me in my camera. How strange! Reilly and I went to get MAC makeovers before the festivities, so I must have been more eager than usual to show off.

There were other pictures too. But not many.

Some fun facts about the party:

– A senior manager threw up on a president
– 3 people were taken away in ambulances
– 250 magnums of wine were consumed
– about 10 staff were kicked out or cut off
– the entire party was shut down by the club an hour early because of liability concerns
– some staff were seen dancing, then puking over the railing of the dance floor, then returning to getting their groove on
– 5 men in kilts
– three girls were still throwing up in the bathroom when the club closed down, one of which was on the floor with her undies around her ankles unable to get up
– one staff member couldn’t remember where she lived, so the taxi just dropped her off somewhere in the vicinity of her house.
– a jr manager stopped a president from accidentally leaving a $800 tip on a $400 bar tab. He claimed he was in no state to do any math

The funny thing here is, no one who knows this place would find any of the above antics surprising. Ahh. Good times. Yeah.