Glad Tidings

Nothing says Merry Christmas Y’all quite like this…

Well, thankfully, the whole evening didn’t quite go that way.

Last night the gang came over to help me decorate my christmas tree, which Vic had helped me pick out the previous afternoon. I fell in love with the tree the moment the treeman told me it was an orphan and needed a home. Good sales trick. I have never had my own Christmas tree before; there was always a reason not to– traveling, space, time, and the idea of decorating a tree by myself was just too depressing. I could not have been happier to welcome friends and family to my home to help me make this a memorable first tree.

My weekend was mostly a flutter of activity preparing for the arrival of guests into my home. I am not the neatest of people and it gave me an excuse to go through lots of stuff, throw things out and really clean* the place up. I was delighted when I woke up Sunday morning to a snow covered Boston, it only heightened my holiday cheer.

It was so good to see friends I hadn’t seen in ages, particularly Jody (my former downstairs neighbor) and Yolita (a great friend from my childhood). I hadn’t seen either lovely lady in a year or more. Surprisingly, my sister was in town, and her boyfriend came by later. And then of course you will recognize many of the other cast of characters in attendance, Ashlee, Ann, Dabney, Seth, Carmen, Kumeran, Vic, Chris, and Kevin. I don’t host people often at my house, which is strange since I love having people over. I like to feed people and provide them with strong cocktails of many varieties and then photograph the consequences. I think it’s the italian in me that likes to take care of people.

Here is a story in pictures of the evening:

You can see the complete set here.
*Well, mostly. Don’t look under the bed.

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