Joining the Super Highway

I did it! I did it!

I bought a new computer! After months of agonizing over the state of my laptop, I have a brand new Dell Ispiron 6000. This is very exciting.

My old laptop had bad karma to begin with, although I felt fortunate to have it. I received it as a parting gift when my last relationship ended. I got a laptop, he got a comforter. Fair trade, I think. There was a small electrical problem that was hardly noticable at the time, which of course grew like rampant mold until I had to hold the power cord into the computer or else it would shut down. It is hard to get any work done with one hand dedicated to holding the power cord still. It got a little better when I figured out I could temporarily solve the problem if I stuck a hairpin into the power slot along with the cord. No, Mom, I am sure that isn’t dangerous at all!

Then a deal was announced this month for dell computers with my corporate discount. And it was just too good to pass over. So finally, I did it! And it arrived yesterday! I am so gleeful, I am like a 5 year girl old getting a cabbage patch kid circa 1985.

It is sleek and silver and beautiful. I need to think of a name for her. Of course it is female. I know she will get along just fine with my Ipod, Buttercup.

See, look how pretty she is! Now I have no excuse not to blog at every opportunity. Since she is wireless, I can blog from just about anywhere! The possibilities are truly endless.

5 thoughts on “Joining the Super Highway

  1. Murf– THANK YOU! I was expecting tons of comments from people saying things like “that computer is CRAP!” so I am very glad to hear good things about it. Ann– you and me running around town with our laptops? Sounds deliciously mischievious.Haji– NO, Computers are definitely NOT better than sex. You’ve been in Afganistan and Kabul too long. The heat is starting to affect your better judgement.

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