This is me, right now:
– subsitute pringles for oversized teddy bear or doggie thing
– substitute cherry coke for mirror (why did I have a mirror in bed? I don’t know. Really)
– add a dose of vicodin
– add laptop

This morning made an unexpected (sort of) trip over to Mass Gen for a little light surgery that has me off my feet the next day or two. Cross your fingers I am up and around enough to fly home Christmas Eve. Or that at least the Vicodin will be plentiful enough to get me that far.

I’ve got some DVDs here to keep me company: March of the Penguines and Arrested Development season 2 disk 3. Speaking of penguins, did you hear about they baby penguin that was stollen from a zoo in the UK? There is a GBP5,000 reward for his safe return, so if you see a lost baby penguin roaming around, please turn the poor little guy in.

I wish my mom was here to make me a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. That would kick ass.

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