I have never spent a Christmas on my own. The only time I have not been with my family for the holidays was the year I lived in Italy when I was 16. And that was OK since at least I was with a family if not my family.

With each hour that passes I am coming to accept that I will not be fit to travel home in time for Christmas. I am not in much pain, as long as I lie down and you know, don’t move or anything. Sitting and walking both are still pretty tough since yesterday’s procedure.

It comes down to this: does my physical discomfort outweigh the emotional discomfort of being on my own for Christmas?

Is this that big of a deal? For some reason it feels like it to me.

6 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. GO HOME! It’s worth it. Take plenty of meds, travel light, gift cards for everyone, wear black velour sweatpants and GO. Even though you aren’t feeling great, just being there and eating good food is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. OR stay in Boston and volunteer at a Soup Kitchen. Make a donation to Toys for Tots, fill yourself with holiday spirit. Whatever you decide, I hope you have a good day. Home is where your heart is. xo

  2. yes, please. don’t leave me alone with mom AND ann. you just don’t understand what it’s like when the two of them get together. they don’t leave me alone. EVER.for the love of baby jesus on his special day. SAVE ME.

  3. I’m here!! I’m here! Lady love, you are most enthusiastically welcome to share the holiday cheer with me and my homies. My friend Errin, who was a fellow pink lady at the Moostash Crawl (not sure if you recall) is having just a couple of us girls over on Xmas (namely, her sister and myself), so we have plenty of room. Plus, I have a car so I’m all mobile and shit and can pick your delicate booty up. Just let me know if you’re up for it.I think I’ll try and email you via this site, since I don’t have your home email. I would post mine, but there’s a couple of crazies that read your site. I kid! Ha ha! No really, I’ll just email you.

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