And there are blessings

I have been thinking today about the ideals of grace and kindness. Which, I guess, are specificially appropriate things to be thinking about this time of year.

In the last 24 hours I have been the recipent of both incredible heart wrenching thoughtfulness and simple immature thoughtlessness. As such, I am reminded how easy it is to focus on the bad rather than the good if you are not mindful to do otherwise.

So let me tell you about the good.

First is my friend Stephanie. Steph is such a spitfire and always full of surprises. If she were to call me up tomorrow and tell me that she had eloped with a Croatian supermodel and will spend the next year sailing the Greek Islands, I would nary raise an eyebrow. Last week a package came in the mail from dear Steph. Inside was a card that brought me to tears and two precious tree ornaments. See, she read my blog about my tree trimming party and wanted to contribute. How thoughtful is that? It brings fresh tears to my eyes as I relay the story to you. Have a look at how sweet they are:

Next, the outpouring of support from friends, family and even near strangers upon hearing I am likely staying home alone this christmas has warmed my heart.

Penny, another long time friend from college days, who has just learned that she will be spending six months in India for work, offered to drive from New Haven to Boston to spend time with me after Christmas. That is quite an offer since she doesn’t have many free days to spare before a six month separation from her boyfriend.

I had the sweetest conversation wtih Ann and Dabney this morning, who have ordered me to come up to VT to celebrate the holiday with them and Dabney’s mom. I wish it were possible! I am sure there is nothing better than snuggling up all cozy with A&D up in beautiful Vermont. That would get me in the Christmas spirit!

My family has really rallied around me offering me support and comfort. I hate the idea of not being with them, this is the first time that my brother, my sister and I would be celebrating in three separate places. Not bad for 3 kids in their 30s I suppose. My sister has made multiple offers to stay behind here in Boston with me, but I won’t let her. My dad has been calling me several times a day to check on me. I appreciate that he is just letting me make my own decsion without and pressure even though I know he really wants me to be there. My brother spent a good hour on the phone with me last night, consoling me after a particularly sad and difficult day. My Mom has been calling daily as well, just supporting me from afar.

Ashbloem, although far far away in TX, has been there to share my grief over the loss of our friend. I just wish she were here to attend the memorial service with me tomorrow. I’d like to hold her hand.

Of course you already know Vic has been a constant helpful fixture this entire Christmas season. From carrying in the chirstmas tree to fixing my bathroom drain to making sure I got home safely after a bloody mary too many. Cheers to you as well.

I can’t go without mentioning Mr. C. We’ve only been out on one date, but his constant offers to bring me supplies and fill my fridge since I can’t get out right now have been very much appreciated. He has also offered to stop my to lift my spirits on Christmas day since he will be just around the corner. All from a virtual stranger!

It feels good to sit and count the blessings of so many loving people in my life. I am going to take the advice of an anonymous commenter from one of the recent posts and see what good I can do for someone else this holiday.

One thought on “And there are blessings

  1. Comment from the immature and thoughtless wing of the We Love Interravision Party: Keep ahold of those Delft shoes cause if I got within 1,000 miles of Boston I would have to swipe them. They are too precious!!!

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