On Photography, Part 1

There is something about holding the weight of a camera in my hand that soothes me, whether it be digital, print or disposable. I often feel as though I am watching life through a view finder, and feel naked if I don’t have a camera tucked somewhere on me, even if I am just going to by eggs at the corner store. It’s Murphy’s Law– if I am not packing a camera, I am liable to see something cool like circus folk juggling elephants down McGrath Highway. Really.

More than anything else, I love to photograph people. Preferably when they are not aware, or simply don’t care, that I am shooting. Thankfully most of my friends are used to the camera being constantly focused on them, so they make excellent subjects. As for strangers, that can be a bit more complicated since I also want to be respectful of privacy and personal space. Many cultures believe that letting someone take your picture is the equivalent of letting someone steal your soul so I am often careful to ask permission first before taking a stranger’s picture especially if I am traveling in a foreign country. The problem is, naturally, once permission is given their awareness of the camera almost always ruins the shot.

But I guess sometimes I don’t always ask. I just take my chances and get the shots I want.

I just got a scanner, which came along with the new computer. Exciting! Now I can start to share with you the many fun print photos I have been taking over the years. What to start with?

Given the nature of this post, I wanted to share some of my favorite “soul stealing” shots I took last summer here in Boston. These were taken by the fountain towards the read of the Christian Science Center on a very hot and sunny afternoon…

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