Fortune Telling

My Mom is a big fan of things like tarot cards, fortune tellers, and psychics. As a result, she sometimes passes on information that a psychic has told her about me and sends over certain books or cards so I can read my own fortune. I have to admit that I secretly love this stuff. Well, maybe not so secretly. Not that I actually believe in it, it’s just for good old fun. Really, I mean it. Just for fun.

For example, let me tell you about the Cards of Illumination. Legend states that back in medieval times, playing cards were used as a way of safeguarding an ancient means of fortelling a person’s nature. Yes! The data is contained in 52 cards, which corresponds to the number of weeks in a year, 12 royal cards which represent the 12 months and the 4 suits which correspond to both the 4 seasons and the 4 astrological elements of fire, earth, air and water.

Good news: Everyone is the world is represented by one of the cards in the deck! How so? Well, first you find out what your card is on this chart. For example, my birthday is January 24th, so I am the 3 of diamonds.

Then the book tells you all about your fortune based on your card. Here is the description for the 3 of diamonds (also good for those of you born on 2/22, 3/20, 4/18, 5/16, 6/14, 7/12, 8/10, 9/8, 10/6, 11/4, and 12/2):

You have more experiences on your life path that teach you about values than others. You can make money from a variety of sources. Spending might be an issue with you. You are very bright and can be indecisive at times. Often you are involved in relationships of a fated nature that involve many adjustments and compromises. Much growth happens to you through travel, career and people related activities. Your challenge is the need to develop independence. A positive attitude will go a long way in aiding you through disappointments. Most of your challenges occur around romantic relationships. You have a deep secretive mind. Releasing your fears around money and matters of the heart provide peace of mind. Your lesson in life is to have mastery of your financial affairs. Creativity or indecision? The choice is up to you.

So, does this represent me? You be the judge!

But that’s not all, No! The cards of illumination can also tell you about how you relate with another person based on the solar values of your cards. AND can tell you about which people you will most likely have a strong connection with.

Curious about your own reading? Let me know your birthday and I will tell you what it is. Or check out their website for some more information.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I tell you about the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards.


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