I was tagged by the lovely A-side of Superette to fill out this game of seven. So, here you go! This was a lot harder than I thought…

Seven things to do before I die:

1. Spend 3+ months traveling around Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, preferably taking a journey on the Great South Pacific Express. Well, it appears that this service is no longer offered by the Venice-Simplon Orient-Express, but I am keeping it on my list just in case they bring it back. If you ever have the chance to travel on one of their trains, take it! I did Rome to Venice a few years ago and it was seriously awesome.
2. Get another tattoo (I know what it’s going to be already, just need to do it).
3. Fly on an airplane and not think once about having a panic attack.
4. Sell my photography to a stranger.
5. Sky dive, ideally if I had already conquered #3.
6. Learn French.
7. Try to see what that Marriage thing is all about. Apparently it’s all the rage.

Seven things i can’t do:

1. Ride the T without being mystified by the lack of humanity most people exhibit towards others.
2. Meditate for more than 10 minutes at a time.
3. Drive the speed limit or drive a stick.
4. Beat Victor at a game of pool.
5. Sit in the backseat of a car for a long journey.
6. Headstands.
7. Knit.

Seven things I can do (I added this category in, it’s only fair if I have to list what I can’t do, I should list what I can do as well)

1. Speak Italian.
2. Cook up a pretty good meal.
3. Take a pretty good picture of something, or catch people when they are unconsciously beautiful on film.
4. Listen and offer (sometimes) unsolicited advice.
5. Kiss really really really good. Awwww, yeah.
6. Give engaging presentations and speeches in front of large audiences even when the topic at hand is less than entertaining.
7 . Sing. Oh yes, I can do it, and do it often. Loudly too. But who said I was any good?

Seven things that attract me to blogging:

1. Hey, it’s fun!
2. A great way to keep friends and family up-to-date.
3. I love to share my photos.
4. I think it’s amusing to check the blogs of my friends the morning after we had a wild night out together to see how we each person has chosen to illustrate the evening’s antics.
5. The ritual, I miss it when I skip or take a break.
6. Sharing ideas.
7. It’s like being in on a great joke.

Seven things i say most often:

1. Variations with the word “fuck” (sorry, it’s true)…motherfucker, no fucking way, fuck that, that’s fucking awesome, whatthefuck?, and fuuuuuuccck.
2. Fillers: eww, ugh, grr, bah
3. Yo Lady!
4. Ciao Ciao
5. Can I get that without cheese, please
6. Jackass
7. Thank you

Seven books that i love, in no particular order (but not necessarily all-time faves):

1. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
2. Kitchen Table Wisdom and the follow-up My Grandfather’s Blessings by Rachel Naomi Remen
3. Expecting Adam by Martha Beck
4. The Fall of a Sparrow by Robert Hellenga
5. The Captain’s Verses by Pablo Neruda
6. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
7. Dante’s Inferno

Seven movies i watch again and again:

1. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
2. The English Patient (I just love that Ralph Fiennes)
3. What Dreams May Come
4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
5. About a Boy
6. The Godfather II
7. Say Anything

OK, up next I’d like to hear from the D-side of Superette (since we heard from the A-side) and Ashbloem if she hasn’t run off to Vegas to get married and hasn’t been tagged yet.

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