You’d think…

…that Interravision is trying to compete with Bravo for the amount of Texas Hold’em she is advertising. I can assure you it isn’t intentional. But I just have to tell you about this, and share a few pics, naturally.

I went to play poker chez Superette on Sunday night with 8 other hopeful players– and I almost won! I got through all the way to the final two, just me and the A-side of Superette. Damn that girl! In the end I just couldn’t pull it off. But…So….Close!

Can you believe that I kicked two, TWO, people out of the game in one hand? That was awesome. And there were wigs, of course. And bourbon.

First: here is a fun clip of the evening of A-Side impersonating GOB from the best TV show ever, Arrested Development:

View this clip on Vimeo

And a few stills of the evening. And did I mention wigs?

Good times. Good times.

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