Blast from the Past

I’ve just received news from my old friend Ronaldo, in Brasil, who has put together an initiative to get all the students who studied in Italy with me in 1990-91 back in touch. It’s amazing! So many good memories have come rushing into my head. God, I was just a kid (16!) running around the streets of Italy. It was a defining time in my life. It changed everything. It’s where I grew up.In the 15 years that have passed I’ve thought about my fellow students often. I learned almost as much from them, being that we all came from every corner of the globe, as I did from Italy itself. Sweden, Switzerland, Ghana, Colombia, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Germany, Brazil, the US, Japan, Austria, Costa Rica… we were quite the mini UN.

I’ve invited them to visit Interravision, so for them I am posting these few photos I already have scanned. More to come!

All of our group, and some Sardinian friends, in Solarussa

Claudia, Suzanne, Mikael

Me, Anna Lena and Ronaldo in Rome (Rocca di Papa`)

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