OK! So about Key West!

As I was walking from the T to the office this morning, in 19 degree weather, I was dreaming of the recent days spent in Key West and trying not to think of the massive snow storm heading our way.

So, let me break it down for you.

First let’s talk Oysters. Are you a fan? I had only had oysters a few times in my life before this trip, but holy crap did we eat a lot of them. In one day alone I think Vic and I shared around 3 dozen oysters and cherrystones when we ordered the “tower of power”. Damn. It was good stuff.

Pictures of oysters are not really pretty– let’s face it, they look pretty disgusting. I have to wonder who the first person to open an oyster and say: Yum! Look at THAT! Yeah! Now lets add some horseradish and maybe a little sherry! Awesome! But for the sake of my documentary, you must see them to believe them:

(that was the top of the tower of power)

Next, let’s talk drinks. We had some. A few, in fact. Of course there were bloody marys. We had some beer. And one evening we even imbibed in some fruity tropical drinks. They were all tasty.

And hey, did you know that in Florida, you can buy BEER at CVS??? They know what they’re doing down there for sure.

So, how did we spend our time? Mostly in or around this, our pool which was all of about 5 steps from our cottage:

Speaking of our cottage, that’s a shot of it above. Here is a picture of the inside:

Victor is a very fun travel companion and was a great conversationalist, that is when not engrossed in his cell phone:

No seriously, he IS really a fun person to travel with. We had good times riding our rented bikes around town and generally laughing it up.

We even got to see some native Floridian wildlife!

All in all… it was an awesome trip. Finally got a chance to put my feet up and relax.

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