Where did February Go?

I am looking at my calendar and cannot believe it is March 2nd. MARCH!

Was I abducted for the month of February? Do I have amnesia? I cannot believe the whole month has slipped through my fingers. The only way to know what I did last month is to look inside my trusty little camera. There must be some evidence there of what went on… Let’s see…

Looks like the month started off with a party of some sort. That’s RIGHT! It was ashbloem’s birthday. We had some fondue! And as usual, our girl Ann was THE LIFE of the party. She kicked it off hard core when she tried to see how many pieces of fondue bread she could stuff in her mouth at once. I think she got to 10. Check out dearest Dabney in the background. You know what she is thinking, right?

Nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY like a candle in a round of cheese. Right, girls?

Oh! And then Ash and I had a rare night out to ourselves! ALL BY OURSELVES! It was glorious, really. I can’t remember the last time we did that. We laughed and chatted up the friendly bartender, Ski, who was not the bartender we were hoping to find that night. Ah, well. He tried on her hat, though, and we liked him for it.

Maybe I had a baby.

No, that can’t be right. I think I would remember that. But what a cutie!

Oh, check this out. Now I remember… the bloody mary bar crawl with Vic and Chris. We started at Harvard Gardens, on to Kinsale, over to Spire then across the river to Cambridge where we hit Noir (even though they had no bloody marys as we had been promised), go kicked out of Grendels, had some thai food, and ended up at John Harvard’s. It was a full day. We had a few drinks.

Then it appears that I was abducted by strange asian garden gnomes:

Noooo. That’s just Ann again killing me with her crazy antics again. She had a grand old time with my hot pink cashmere hat at the Lush Lounge, where we were hanging out with Dabney and the lovely Francesca.

[Ladies… I am telling you that guy at the bar was STRAIGHT.]

The month ended with a trek through arctic temperatures (I swear there was an Emperor Penguin following me down Tremont) to the Union Oyster House, and no I did NOT order the “Ye Old Chili Nachos”. Vic and I feasted on oysters, cheerystones, and mussels. Yummmmmm! I totally charmed the shuckers, Mike and Dave, behind the bar and they let me come back and take some great shots up close and personal. I am actually going to save them for a separate posting since I like them (the pictures, not the schuckers) so much. No, they were really cool guys who kept us well entertained.

Well, that brings us more or less up to date on my social schedule. Sure, there’s been more than bar hopping and parties… but who wants to hear how I did my laundry the other day, or just how comfy my brand new sheets and duvet are?

Back to more regularly scheduled blogging… Promise.

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