I like Oysters.
I like oysters a lot.

This is a relatively new favorite of mine. The first time I had oysters was when Frankie was visiting from London and we went out for seafood one night. The waiter brought us a selection of his favorites, and I have been a fan ever since. But only recently, have they become an addiction of some kind. Blame Victor, it’s all his fault.

We went out to the Union Oyster House on Monday and sampled their goods. Suprisingly, they only had 2 kinds. Some from CT and some from VA. They had more complicated names, but I don’t remember now what they were. I was suprised for an “Oyster House” that they were not teeming with all sorts of exotic varieties, but Vic and I settled in at the cozy bar with our shuckers Mike and Dave for a few hours of entertainment, basketball (on TV, Pitt vs. WVU) and oyster-lovin’-goodness.

I won’t lie to you, I kept trying to find a way to incorporate the line “mother shucker” into the conversation. I never found the right opening.

Eventually, dear Mikey let me come behind the bar and take some pictures. He also gave me a “lucky” oyster shell (dutifully cleansed in the dishwasher before being wrapped in tissue and put in a gift bag). I like the photos that came out as a result. Have a look.

[Look how giddy Vic is at his Oyster pile]

Question (for those of you who like raw seafood of any kind): if you could have only sushi OR oysters for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

5 thoughts on “Oysterlicious

  1. Seriously? You would eat oysters every day? That’s crazy talk. I mean, oysters are good and all, but they’re no match for sushi.I can feel the backlash hitting me now…

  2. I love love love oysters, but “sushi” is a blanket term, which means I could have different sushi each day! That’s better. If you asked oysters or, say, that egg sushi, I’d go with the oysters.

  3. The oysters were Blue points from Norwalk and “smelly oysters” from Virginia as Mike referred to them. Duxbury oysters arrive Thursdays and Fridays. You have to ask for them. Oyster house has two kinds, but if you don’t ask they will not tell you the difference.

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