Make Me Over

Ashbloem, Reilly and I went for MAC makeovers on Saturday. I love going for makeovers at MAC. This time they had a DJ, body paint models and mai-tais floating around. Yum!

here are some of the action shots…

We went to Bar 10 afterwards for some cocktails and to show off our pretty faces. The waitress remarked, upon hearing our ages (all early 30s), “You give me hope.” Ah, to be young.

Lately I have been wishing for a total makeover. You know, like you wake up one morning and you are someone totally different. Like Cameron Diaz. But I guess that doesn’t really happen in real life. I have been thinking about cutting off my hair or dying it another color. It would be interesting to wake up with new hair, and maybe even new eyes. What do you think? Can you see me as a brown-eye’d redhead (ala` photoshop)?

I just want something…. different. Clearly another manifestiation of how much I am wishing for change in general in my life right now. OK, it’s not Cameron Diaz… but maybe…

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