Fun at Fenway!

This weekend was all about the baseball. Saturday afternoon with Erin, and again on Sunday afternoon with Reilly. The weather was great, the fenway franks were hot, and we didn’t play so badly either.

This series of photos cracks me up…

OBJECTIVE: Take a self-picture of me and Erin, where Erin manages to keep her eyes open
OBSTACLE: She can’t seem to do this.

Take #1: “Damn, my eyes were closed”

Take #2: “Oww, my eyes!”
Take #3: “Ooops I closed my eyes again!”

Take #4: “OMG, it’s so funny I can’t keep my eyes open!”

Take #5: “OK, lets try again…DAMN!!”

Take #6: “Ugh. You’re killing me!”

Take #7: Ahhh… finally! Success!

3 thoughts on “Fun at Fenway!

  1. I’m so jealous, I’ve always wanted to go to Fenway park. Unfortunately, the one and only time I have been in Boston, it was winter and there was no baseball to be had.

  2. Hey Aunt Erin! Aunt Terra’s eyes were open, but your eyes were closed in the picture. But in the last one your eyes were FINALLY open! I love you Aunt Terra and Aunt Erin. Bye. Hallie.

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