For the Single Folk

When Erin and I were at the game last weekend she posed this question to me:

Would you want to know if getting married (or the like) was not your destiny and if so, how would you live your life differently?

I have been thinking a lot about it. What would I do? Would I stop dating completely and find deeper contentment in my solitude? Would I date or have casual relations just for fun and temporary companionship? Would I adopt a child on my own, if I decided I had the means and resources to do so? Would I mourn the knowledge or celebrate it?

I know this: I would want to know. I don’t know how my daily choices or my lifestyle would change, but I definitely would like to know. Also, how great would it be to have an answer ready and waiting the next time someone asks you, “…and when are you planning to settle down?” “Oh, sorry, destiny told me it’s not going to happen… But thanks for asking”

I am still pondering this. Would you want to know?

One thought on “For the Single Folk

  1. I’m not sure I’d want to know. I think I’d spend too much time wondering what things would be like on the other side, and I wouldn’t appreciate what I was given as much.At least not knowing, everything is possible.

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