Top Five

Top Five Reasons I can’t wait to see dragi moj again…

5. Because he remembers things. Not just facts and figures, but things like how I take my coffee and what kind of flowers I like.
4. Because not only does he remember such things, but he actually does something with the knowledge, like surprising me with my favorite flowers and making a coffee run for me.
3. Because he can fix anything. He fixed my toilet AND my bicycle. Without the benefit of tools.
2. Because he likes to hold hands, open doors, hold the umbrella, carry my parcels, and tuck my hair behind my ear.
1. Because I love spoiling him as much as he has been spoiling me.

Wait… am I gushing? Oy. Ah well. I will try to keep it to a minimum. I won’t see him again for at least 2 weeks so there’s plenty of time to talk about other things. By the way, it is still raining. I am going to sprout gills soon if this keeps up.

In other news, I started weight watchers last Thursday. I have been very good so far and not cheated once! Even when Damir was here, I ate salad while he had a hot dog AND a philly cheesesteak. Of course I was coveting his greasy goodness all the while. My first week’s weigh-in is Thursday. Let’s see how I do! I’d kill for a big plate of nachos (sans cheese) right now. Instead, I just had an apple. I hate apples. Well, I don’t hate them, but I swear this one was mocking me. Wish me strength and luck!

One thought on “Top Five

  1. AWESOME NEWS, so happy things are working out! Since I saw you, I am on week 5 on WW and lost 12.4 pounds already! Keep up the good work! Happy to hear that things with the guy are progressing! xoxo Steph

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