Wednesday weigh-in


After a few tough weeks, I did really well this past week despite the dinner party I held and a splurge of thai food with Damir last weekend. This week’s loss was: 3.2 lbs! That brings my total loss to:

10.4 pounds!

I am really proud of myself so far. Hopefully the weather will stay decent so I can keep biking to work. I really like this program (Weight Watchers) and the group I am doing this with is very supportive. I’ve never done anything like this before, except for a stint on the horrendous Nurtrisystem ™ when I was in jr. high school when I was nearly 40lbs heavier than I am right now.

Funny, I just saw an ad on TV for nutrisystem for the first time in forever, and they have totally reworked their marketing to appeal to men. One quote from the ad found in this article on CNN Health:

“Since NutriSystem, my sex life is excellent,” a male dieter says in one testimonial that claims a loss of 62 pounds.

Yes, the first part of their pitch to get the men on board a diet is lose weight and bag a babe!

The second part of their pitch (taken from their website):

“Let’s be honest. A man just doesn’t feel right unless he can eat real food—beef, burgers and pizza….NutriSystem foods are packed with the protein and nutrients a man’s body craves, and deliver great taste without any of the guilt. “

Me Man! Want Pizza! Want Burger!

Men are such silly creatures sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday weigh-in

  1. Congrats! WW is the BEST plan! It is a lifestyle! I am down 18 pounds in 2 months! Very happy that things are working out for you! Diet and boyfriend makes anyone love life! Who knew a litte trip to Rockville Centre would change your life! Call me a catalyst! xoxoStephAlso, you are welcome to join me, GREECE, TURKEY and SPLIT on July 22-Aug 5.

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