Lets Talk Travel: I need suggestions!

For some weeks Damir and I have been looking into a possible trip to Sarajevo and Dubrovnik for 2 weeks in September. However, we’ve decided now that for a variety of reasons the timing isn’t great for this trip. So, we are thinking about splitting the two weeks into two smaller vacations: 1 week local (Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, the Cape, Fire Island, etc.) in the upcoming month or so and one week in the Caribbean later in the fall.

The problem is that neither of us has much experience traveling around these areas, so we’re very open to suggestions. I’ve been to Nantucket once, years and years ago and loved it. If you have any suggestions about where to go, where to stay, etc. Please let me know!

I think both of us prefer to avoid super-touristy areas like Club Med type places. Ideally we’d love to rent out a small place with a kitchen and be close to the beaches. That’s about our only preference!

Anyone? Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice?

3 thoughts on “Lets Talk Travel: I need suggestions!

  1. I think you are better off waiting until September to go to the Cape if you can. August is super busy, expensive, and crowded. If you can go in Sept, it is still really nice weather, but you’re on shoulder season prices and most of the kiddies have packed up and gone back to school.

  2. Have you thought about an escape to somewhere far flung and cool – the the Pacific Islands.Tallship Soren Larsen is sailing from Fiji to Vanuatu in Sept..http://www.sorenlarsen.co.nz/Pacific.htm .. 17 days to from the Yasawa island (Fiji) to the outer islands of Vanutu. It does say in their website but I hear there’s a late availability deal on this trip.cheerrs ian

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