Nota Bene

You might experience an interruption of in the next couple of days as some changes to my hosting agreement. If you have problems, you can still reach the blog (for all 5 of you readers!) at:


In other news, I am back again in Long Island. It took forever to get here yesterday due to the horrible storms. Lightening struck so close to the car that I could actually SMELL it! Nutty. Never saw it so close before. I am here until Tuesday night.

I am so excited because later today I am meeting up with an old friend from high school who lives in NY. Actually, she just moved to New Jersey. She’s pretty much the only person I keep in touch with from the class of ’92 at Winston Churchill H.S. in good ole Potomac, MD. The last time I saw her was about 5 years ago when we vacationed together in lovely Cinque Terre in Northern Italy (go go go!!).

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