Family Fun Weekend


It has been a while since I took out the ole digi cam, and this weekend provided tons of photo ops.

First, and most important, was my sister’s graduation from NESA. I am so proud of her! It was such a great graduation ceremony, with several great speakers. My parents and her boyfriend were there as well to help her celebrate!

Since Dad and Jan were in town for graduation, we planned some fun excursions. On Saturday we went out to Boston’s Harbor Islands. I can’t believe in 4 years I have never been out there! It was so nice… easy, quiet, not crowded. We had a great time taking the ferry to Spectacle Island and Georges Island.

On Sunday we just strolled around town after a leisurely brunch (the stroll followed by a not-s0-leisurely harrowing trip to the airport where Dad and Jan made the flight by the skin of their teeth). The weather was finally perfect, so me and my sweetheart took advantage and get a few photos in by the flowers in the public garden. We’ve been lucky to spend every weekend for the past 2 months together. Lucky… but not easy! I am flying back down Friday night again. I better get cracking on some more Croatian lessons!

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